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Current data

Current data

GPW Benchmark S.A., the entity responsible for administration of the process of provision of WIBID and WIBOR Reference Rates, provides access to data including the values of Reference Rates and Quotes of banks being the Fixing Participants.

Real time data

Data can be made available via the Stock Exchange or via data vendors that provide the data in their services.

An entity interested in receiving WIBOR rates for redistribution, for the purpose of using rates in automated trading applications, in other non-display applications or for clearing related purposes is required to sign Market Data License Agreement.

Delayed data

The results of Fixing of Reference Rates are published on the Website of the Administrator during the same working day at 23:00.

If a company intends to provide its clients with a service, consisting in sharing of validated delayed data, it is obliged to sign a Market Data Licensing Agreement (it is the same agreement as in the case of real time data distribution).

If you are interested in obtaining access to data encompassing WIBID and WIBOR Reference Rates, please contact the Stock Exchange:


Phone number: +48 22 537 74 53